Problems with Pollen (...and Other Things)

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Deanna is smiling, easy and sweet. Her movents made of graceful steps, and a perfectly poised posture, from the hold of her head, down her spine, all the way to her feet, that could make trees and mountains weep. Not that this is a rare occurrence, but, perhaps, the rest is more rare than this fact.

Such as the silken dress she's wearing, that is one of many so rarely displayed. With barely there straps across her shoulders, transparent fabric that flows like water across her arms from a few inches below her shoulders, form fitted across her chest down to her was it, before it too flowed out in that abundant waterfall of fabric, smooth, shining, layers and panels of solid color and transparent together.

Or that her dark hair is loosed down her, mostly bare, shoulders entirely.

Or that her smile along with her coal black eyes have a touch of determined whimsy to it.

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Counseling Sign-up for Patients | FAQ
The Counseling Staff | Counseling Staff Sign-Ups
Monthly Counseling Sessions | Monthly Handwave Option

But Wait! I have some questions.

Sign-Up Questions
Help! I only want to sign-up to thread the first meeting, and then I want to hand wave the rest. Which one do I sign up on?
This is our most popular setup request so far. So that we make sure to meet both of your needs:

First Month, you would sign up HERE on the threaded comment section (because your first need to get one threaded out sessions). Mention in your notes this is a first threaded session to be followed by hand waved ones.

Second Month, you would contact one Deanna's mun and inform her you switching from threaded to hand waved list. Your character will need their information to be switched in the bottom comments HERE and then will be switched in the top lists of how the crew member is being seen, and you will need to fill out the Hand Waved Monthly Info Log each month from that one on forward.
Help! I'm a hand waved patient, but due to events (in my characters CR/events on the Enterprise/something else entirely) I want to thread my session out this month. Is there any way for me to do this?
Of course! We are here to make things as easy or as involved as you would like them for your characters and for the counselors. During this month you would need to speak to your counselor (if you have a specific one, or if your have remained an OTA patient, then send the counselors a request and we'll get someone specific for you for that month for thread) and we'll help you arrange out all the details.

Counselor Questions

✩ Help! I see that some of the Counseling Staff have extra-sensory powers, and my character would not be cool with that/would be cool with that. I know about this Out of Character, but does my character know about this In Character?
Absolutely. Deanna's abilities and the race she comes from are public knowledge to everyone on the Enterprise, or who happens to look at a file on her. Star Fleet is very on the up-and-up about this with guests, crew, and dignitaries. The only times when we see it used in a professional capacity involving secrecy is when it is done at the behest of the Captain and usually only in times when the crew is in jeopardy.

Deanna will not be bending these rules from the Counseling Staff either, so you can consider it common knowledge.
Help! My character's information falls under some kind of Confidentially Situation, right?

Your information, just like your medical records, is confidential and not public knowledge. There will be records kept on everyone who comes to sessions, whether these sessions are threaded out or hand waved. All session reports go immediately to Counselor Troi, who overlooks everyone's reports weekly and only reports anything that looks to be an endangerment to the patient, crew or ship to Captain Picard (or possibly Dr. Crusher, depending on the nature of the endangerment).

Starfleet Questions
Help! I'm a Starfleet Officer and/or Starfleet Crew Member. How does this work for me?
All Starfleet Officers and/or Starfleet Crew Members fall under Counselor Troi's domain as the Ship's Counselor and the Head Counselor of the Counseling Staff. No one on the main Enterprise Crew will be seeing a Staff Counselor.

All of the Starfleet Officers and/or Starfleet Crew Members who are brought by Q will originally and mainly be under Deanna as well. If other arrangements need to be made for a Starfleet Officer and/or Starfleet Crew Member, it will have to be brought up to Counselor Troi, who will, in tandem with Captain Picard, go over the reasons for the request and have final say in that decision.
Help! I'm a Starfleet Officer and/or Starfleet Crew Member and someone said something about DUN-DUN-DUN The Annual Review?
Welcome to the one extra great, grand, and glorious thing you get to do as a Starfleet Crew Member.

Whether you are an Enterprise Officer/Crew Member, or a Starfleet Officer/Crewmember brought to the Enterprise by Q, you are still required to take your physical and mental/emotional annual review. An event which by it's very nature will be cross-run between Counselor Troi and Dr. Crusher.

The details for this are still being ironed out, currently. It will likely have the same threaded and/or handwaved arrangement. There is a 98% chance, currently, it will have to be with Counselor Troi and Dr. Crusher, but if you make a reasonable argument for a Staff Counselor or a Staff Doctor (and are given permission by Counselor Troi, Dr. Crusher, and Captain Picard) it will only be by one of the other Starfleet Members in The Counseling Staff or Medical Staff.

Counseling Sessions - Handwaved Option

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Counseling Sign-up for Patients | FAQ
The Counseling Staff | Counseling Staff Sign-Ups
Monthly Counseling Sessions | Monthly Handwave Option

Hello, lovely patients and the writers thereof!

So you want to be going to counseling because of how traumatic your character's arrival, continual stay, life back home and/or events taking place on the Enterprise but having to write out a weekly, every other week, or even single month thread is too hard/time consuming/not where you want to be putting what time you have every single month for CR, and we hear you!

This is your handy-dandy Counseling Sessions Handwave Option Post in partnership with the hand wave needs of smaller daily things addressed in the State of the Game.


In this post, every month you'll drop your name under the current/correct Month option for Counseling, to say your character was attending even if it isn't/wasn't a threaded out event.

Once again, like the main post, if you were seeing a specific counselor please put their name in the subject line. If you do not have a specific counselor you are in an arrangement of seeing and you are open to seeing anyone, then sometime after most of the sign-ups to the spot happen, you'll get a comment informing you who your counselor was for the month.

Ten Forward Counseling Staff Info

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Counseling Sign-up for Patients | FAQ
The Counseling Staff | Counseling Staff Sign-Ups
Monthly Counseling Sessions | Monthly Handwave Option


Deanna Troi
Head Counselor

Email: Here
Plurk: [ profile] wanderlustlover


Hugh Cambridge


Ezri Dax

Email: Here
Plurk: [ profile] caletara

Emma Frost

Email: Here
Plurk: [ profile] nyxnotnicks

Sam Wilson

Email: N/A
Plurk: [ profile] brbsoulnomming

Get to Know Your Counselors

Deanna Troi
Head Counselor

Email: Here
Plurk: [ profile] wanderlustlover
Your Name: Amanda/Wanderlustlover
Character's Canon: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Relevant Points of Canon: All of TNG canon is a good reference point for Deanna, herself, but good references for research her counseling are the following Next Generation episodes: 3.08, 4.10, 4.25, 5.10, 5.20, 6.02, 6.03, 6.26, 7.03, 7.06, 7.07. (Also, helpful -- Deanna's Profile on Memory Alpha.)

When Deanna Arrived on the Enterprise: Star Trek: The Next Generation 1.01
Background and Counseling Qualifications: Deanna attended the University of Betazed, studying psychology, and then attended The Starfleet Academy where she majored in it. Being half-Betazoid and half-human, Deanna has empathic and telepath skills. Due to her half-human heritage, however, her range of telepathic powers is severely limited when not near full-blooded Betazoids.

Specialties/Warnings: Deanna's skills make her an important asset to The Enterprise and Captain Picard, where her skills are often used when dealing with most missions and interactions the crew has with other races. Deanna is almost always patients, honest, kind and compassionate toward everyone, both off and especially on duty. But as she serves as part of The Senior Staff, has daily Bridge Duty as one of Picard's Right Hand's, is working on advancing her rank, and continues to be counseling the entire crew and their families on the ship, Counselor Troi is not always as available as the rest of her staff.

Hugh Cambridge

Your Name: Ryannax
Contact Info: cornichaun @ gmail, plurk and AIM
Character's Canon: Star Trek: Voyager (novels)
Relevant Points of Canon: Hugh Cambridge appears in the Voyager books by Kirsten Beyer; these begin with Full Circle, continue through Unworthy, Children of the Storm, The Eternal Tide, Protectors and Acts of Contrition. None of them center on him as a character, but all give a good idea of him and how he interacts with people. (Also, Hugh Cambridge's page on Memory Beta.)

When Cambridge Arrived on the Enterprise: late June 2015, from about 2382
Background and Counseling Qualifications: Cambridge been a counselor for ~30 years, almost all of that in Starfleet; besides that, he's a fully qualified physician and has post-graduate degrees in xenoanthropology and psychology. In Starfleet, he is both counselor and first contact specialist. He's served as ship's counselor for a few different starships, most notably Voyager, and he was also at Starfleet Medical for twelve years.
Specialties/Warnings: Cambridge can be an enormous asshole, and most people strongly dislike him upon meeting. He is often blunt and matter-of-fact, to the point of being rude, and he doesn't let people, even patients, give him shit. He's also very good at what he does. He is excellent with trauma, but also does extremely well with issues centering on relationships, communication, cultural compatibility, interpersonal dynamics, and more.

Ezri Dax

Email: Here
Plurk: [ profile] caletara
Your Name: Kara/Caletara
Contact Info: [ profile] caletara

Character's Canon: Star Trek: Deep Space 9
Relevant Points of Canon: Deep Space 9: 3.04 (Equilibrium), 7.03 Afterimage, 7.08 Siege of AR-558, 7.10 It's Only a Paper Moon, 7.11 Prodigal Daughter, 7.13 Field of Fire (also Ezri's page and Dax's page on Memory Alpha.)

When Ezri Arrived on the Enterprise: Deep Space 9 7.13 (Field of Fire)

Background and Counseling Qualifications: Ezri studied Psychology, including forensic Psychology at Starfleet Academy. She was stationed as an assistant counselor on the Destiny, bringing the Dax symbiont to Trill after Jadzia's death, when the symbiont took a turn for the worst and had to be joined to a host immediately. Lucky for Ezri, she was the only Trill on board, and one completely unprepared with none of the usual training. Benjamin Sisko then petitioned Starfleet Medical for a promotion to Lieutenant from Ensign and the post of full counselor on DS9, wondering what else she might learn during training that she hadn't already learned from Dax.

She also has 8 lifetimes of memories and experiences from Dax's previous hosts including politicians, scientists, pilots, ambassadors and even one murderer.

Specialties/Warnings: Ezri's completely confused and mixed up. So, she gets it. She's a big proponent of practicing what you preach, and she thinks she totally needs therapy as well. With 8 other lifetimes to deal with she's still discovering exactly who she is and what she can do as Ezri Dax, and not as the former Ezri Tigan. She often uses those experiences in her counselling sessions. In canon she's successfully helped Garak whose guilt over assisting the Federation instead of his own people during the Dominion War caused him such panic attacks he couldn't continue, and Nog, who lost his leg during the Battle of AR-558 and decided to live in a 1940's holosuite program.

Ezri also used her experiences as Joran Dax and knowledge of forensic psychology to successfully track down a Vulcan who had been so emotionally compromised he was killing happy people on DS9.

Emma Frost

Email: Here
Plurk: [ profile] nyxnotnicks
Your Name: Nyx
Character's Canon: Marvel comic canon, AU version
Relevant Points of Canon: Being AU she has no real canon references. I do recommend Joss Whedon's run on Astonishing X-Men.

When Emma Arrived on the Enterprise: March 2015
Background and Counseling Qualifications: Emma has helped mutant victims of trauma over the course of two lifetimes. As her canon self she worked with the X-men as both teacher and counselor. In her AU she was called upon to help extremely traumatized people who were exposed to the weird of the area they lived in.
Specialties/Warnings: Emma is a telepath and this is an important part of her therapy. She's also somewhat brusque.

Sam Wilson

Email: N/A
Plurk: [ profile] brbsoulnomming
Your Name: Bri
Character's Canon: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Relevant Points of Canon: Pretty much all of Captain America: the Winter Soldier

When Sam Arrived on the Enterprise: October 2014
Background and Counseling Qualifications: Sam was a pararescueman and part of a top secret government project for over a decade. He retired when his best friend was hit with an RPG in front of him, and went through his own therapy before he become a counselor. He's worked as a counselor at the VA for a few years, leading support groups and doing individual counseling.

Specialties/Warnings: Sam specializes in trauma, grief/loss, detachment, adjusting from one way of life to getting used to living a completely different lifestyle, and soldiers in general. A lot of what he does is based on finding similarities in what he's been through and what other people are going through, and sharing what's helped him. He's empathic and gentle when he needs to be, with a healthy dose of mixing humor and serious and being unafraid to be blunt or ask the hard questions when someone needs a push.

Information for your Get To Know!

TF's Counseling Staff Rules & Sign-ups Page

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Counseling Sign-up for Patients | FAQ
The Counseling Staff | Counseling Staff Sign-Ups
Monthly Counseling Sessions | Monthly Handwave Option

I. The Professional
1. All New Counseling Staff has an interview with the Ship's Counselor, Deanna Troi. This usually involves an interview about why they feel they are qualified to take on this responsibility on, as well as a test of their qualifications (since most characters qualifications cannot be proven due to displacement.)

** -- This is all hand waved usually.

2. The New Counseling Staff will all report to Deanna Troi, and they will only be counseling the displaced members who are appearing on the ship. Not current crew and/or their families.

3. While Doctor-Patient Confidentiality still holds true, there will be record keeping on all patients. The only people with access to these files will be The Counselors and, if the need arises, The Senior Staff. Where needed the The New Counseling Staff may work in tandem with both The Senior Staff and any/all medical staff under Dr. Crusher.

4. Any issues brought up in a sessions with a patient that reveals any danger toward the patient, the crew, or the ship, will be reported to Counselor Troi immediately. She will assess the level of the treat and whether it needs to be taken directly to Captain Picard.

5. At least in the beginning, there are weekly Counseling Meetings of Deanna & Her Staff. This is to check-in, see that they are settling well, and to discuss any matters that come up. Eventually, this will probably be reduced to 1-2 a month only. (These will be hand-waved or written at the discretion of the Counseling Writers, too.)

II. The Personal
Deanna is a very social and aware person, who wants her staff to be able to to do the best and be at their individual best. In the hopes of forging them into a strong group that believes they can rely on each other, she'll, also be hosting small things for them occasionally. A group dinner once month, or a poker game, or a relaxing outting on the holodeck.

She likes to be sure that these people she's hired are adjusting just as much as those they are helping -- especially because they are in the exact situation as the people they are helping with the additional strain of now helping any number of people, in any number of situations, dealing with that, as well.

(Sometimes the dinners might be hand-waved, but every 2-3 months, as group we'll probably pick one of the more fun options and toss the group together for something. For greater AC and wonderful CR of the characters together. Because we're definitely here to have fun, as much as help everyone else. As all of these character will all be doing hard work, they deserve rewards for their hard work just as much.)

III. Counseling Team Sign-Ups

If you have a character that would like to apply for working with The Ship's Counselor in counseling, please sign-in below with the follow --

1) your character's name/canon,
2) their education/qualifications/tenure of counseling before now, and
3) anything else you'd like to shout at me about this awesome job you're getting.
4) The best way to contact you for job/character/mun etc talking.

Once you have been approved for duty below, you need to do the follow before post with The Staff --

1) Fill out your "Get To Know The Counselors" form here
2) Fill out the game official "Business Listings" form here

Counseling Sign-Up for Patients

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Counseling Sign-up for Patients | FAQ
The Counseling Staff | Counseling Staff Sign-Ups
Monthly Counseling Sessions | Monthly Handwave Option

This is your official place to sign-up for Counseling Services on the Enterprise

Please fill out whichever section below is the right one for you, so that all of the counseling staff will have you on record. If you already have CR, either past-tense or pre-planned, with seeing a specific counselor please add their name into your notes. (If you don't have one yet, don't worry. We'll get to you as soon as we can!)

"But Wait! I have some questions", you say? The Counseling Staff FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) can, also, be found Here. Feel free to look at some of the important questions we've been asked and ask some more of us if you don't see what you're looking for answered over there yet.

For Threaded Patients
Your Sign-up is Here
Your Threads will be Here
Current Threaded Patients

✩ Deanna Troi, Head Counselor
W/A - Beverly Crusher
W - Tom Paris
B/M - Steve Rogers
AN - Andrew McKee
AN - Ezri Dax
AN - Lal
AN - Fatima Merali
✩ Hugh Cambridge
W - Lorna Dane
W - Annie Cresta
✩ Emma Frost
W - Thea Queen
AN - Kale Daly
✩ Sam Wilson
W - Marion Scotts
B/M - Steve Rogers
AN - Finnick Odair
✩ To Be Determined
W - Elizabeth DeWitt
B - Emma Swan
M - Booker DeWitt
M - Alex Rogan
M/AN - Steve McGarrett
M/AN - Sinthia Schmidt
AN - Bucky Barnes

For Handwaved Patients
Your Sign-Up is Here
Your Monthly Info Logs are Here
Current Handwaved Patients

✩ Deanna Troi, Head Counselor

B/M - Gaila betIlley
✩ To Be Determined
AN - Lady Marian

Team #10, Day 2, Alemar III Rescue Team

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The preparations for a Rescue Team on the Enterprise are as quick and efficient as drilled, divided into tasks of those who were preparing to go down and those, staying behind, who were preparing the influx of wounded. Everyone waiting for any news, and acting on what information they had within the confines of the orders given by the Captain.

Officers, medical personnel, and a handful of guests whom The Captain had approved all possible emergency supplies quickly loaded into the shuttle. Orbit was easy to attain, but coming down the destruction could be seen long before they reached the ground. A sprawl of destruction made of fallen structures and deep cracks stretching out through the land.

There's conferring between the pilots, before it's announced they can't raise the shuttle bay, or anyone inside of it, and the closest alternative isn't too far from where they should have been able to touch down. It's going to be a good walk or job away, but it's flat and it looks safe for landing and waiting before they'll be loading people back into it.

Once they are on the ground, Deanna was up and headed out, wincing a little at the odd ringing in her head. It was mostly likely all of the people, but it was odd all the same. High pitched and hazy, but stronger, and not all at once. She pushed it back to focus on the group in front of her.

"We're going to need to split up. Ms. Blake and Mr. Barnes, you'll be together. Ms. Gemini, you're with me." Everyone with a few others in tow. Heavy lifters, and medical. "Use your PADD's to help you navigate your way to the pockets of those who are trapped and stay in contact as often as the situation down below will let you. The more we know, the easier we can send more people if you have a problem or need more support."

Deanna's Application for Ten Forward

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Your name or online alias: Amanda / Wanderlustlover
Your email: Wanderlustlover [at] gmail
Another preferred means of contact: AIM - JGPhoenix
Character's Full Name: Deanna Troi
Character's Canon: Star Trek: The Next Generaton
Character's Journal Name: Ships_Counselor
What would you like your character's tag to be?: deanna troi

In 300-500 words total, tell us your...

Character's background (their past and present):
Deanna Troi was born (the still as of yet unknowing second child) to Lwaxana Troi, the Betzoid Amabassador, & Ian Andrew Troi, a Human Starfleet Officer, on Betazed. She was a bright gifted child, who had a talent for languages, and who was taught about human culture by her father, while being raised in her mother's. Her father died when Deanna was seven, though she remembers him quite clearly and fondly.

She attended the University of Betzaed, where she studied psychology, and for a time she practiced on her home planet. From 2355 to 2359 she entered, attended, and then graduated from Starfleet Academy, once more majoring in psychology. She was assigned to USS Enterprise-D as ship's counselor in 2364, and has proven herself an invaluable member of the crew ever since its first mission.

Character's personality:
Deanna is very frank, forthright, and honest as are all Betazoids, but she has a tendency to temper it with more compassion and understanding to the situations she is found in, and the races she is currently in engaged with, than many of her people. She is friendly, and open to all of those who approach her, as a counselor, a shipmate, and as a friend.

She has a deep love for anything chocolate, a good hand of poker, and the Old West stories her father read to her as a child. She has a deep bond with Commander Riker, from an earlier relationship, but while they both have strong feelings for each other still, they've both chosen to stay the course of being dedicated to the lives and paths they've chosen now. She has a close friendship and confidence with Beverly Crusher.

Character's skills/abilities/powers:
Being half-Betzaoid, Deanna is capable of great extra-sensory empathy, and limited telepathy. She can frequently read the emotions of the crew at large, ships outside of her own, and even settlements on the planet below the Enterprise. She can usually tell if others are lying, and clarify the emotions of those around her, even when they themselves cannot.

The range of her telepathic powers has been far more limit by her half-human heritage. There are, also, limits to her empathy when she comes into contact with races whose brain structure is entirely dissimilar to Humans or Betazoids.

Any special equipment your character is bringing along? This includes weaponry, magic items, etc.:
N/A; Deanna is part of the Enterprise Crew and thusly has not been exposed to anything like this yet. Because of already holding a position on the ship, she has several things that are already hers, from her quarters, to her possessions, to her Counselor's Office where she sees her patients.

Are you bringing your character to [community profile] ten_fwd from another game? If you are, which game?:
N/A; Deanna is part of the Enterprise Crew and thusly has not been exposed to anything like this yet.

If you answered yes above, briefly summarize how they were changed by and what challenges they faced in the climate of their previous game(s):

Why do you want to play this character in Ten Forward, and what do you plan to do with them?
Because I've loved Deanna since I was four years old, and I just can't turn down the chance to bring her into this amazing game. Because I think the people coming in could use to help guide them, and calm them, through the current situation, and because, reversely, I'm going to love seeing how she interacts and reacts to all the various people that Q (/the game itself) bring into contact with her.

Writing Sample #1:
Deanna's Test Thread's In Progress

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